04/2 - 09/12 9:30am Hackett

Children's World Dance Classes

World Dance Classes for Young People

05/2 - 10/12 5:15pm Hackett

FREE Teenage World Dance Classes

Learn folk dances from all over the world in a relaxed and friendly community.

20/2 - 08/8 9:00am Acton

Piinpi: Contemporary Indigenous Fashion

A celebration of Indigenous art, history and culture through contemporary fashion and design. Free ...

24/2 - 15/11 11:00am Parkes

Family fun at Behind the Lines exhibition

The latest Behind the Lines – 2020 A dog’s breakfast – takes a light-hearted look at ...

27/2 - 20/11 8:30am Charnwood

Silversmithing Class - Prospective Student Tour

An opportunity for people to find out more about silversmithing classes and visit the studio to have...