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In A Nutshell: The Poetry of Violence

Whether you are new to Shakespeare, or an aficionado, you will be entertained, enriched, and inspired by this production. When Shakespeare explores violence it is often epic and cruel, but never gratuitous. Whether it’s Brutus considering a justification for murder in Julius Caesar, or Volumnia relishing the bravery and brutality of her warrior son in Coriolanus, Shakespeare asks questions about our relationship with violence. But he also uses the word to describe the limits of emotion, and the rashness provoked by love and hate. Join Artistic Director Peter Evans and a crack team of actors as they jump from scene to scene and play to play, exploring the poetry of violence with relish and delight. From Macbeth to Much Ado About Nothing, Romeo and Juliet to Richard III, Peter will share insights into Shakespeare’s concerns and preoccupations and the inner workings of the plays. In A Nutshell enthralled audiences in 2022 and we are excited to return with a second instalment in 2024.

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13/09/2024 7:00 pm
14/09/2024 9:30 pm


Jordan Delany
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London Circuit
Canberra Theatre Centre
London Circuit, Canberra ACT