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Connecting the Dots: Empowering Your Nervous System for Calm Living

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Come on a journey of curiosity and learning at “Connecting the Dots,” a unique event curated to help you become the active operator of your nervous system, unlocking the keys to a calmer and more fulfilling life and learning more about the mindful practice of Mandala Dot Painting!

Key Learning Outcomes:

1. Demystify Your Autonomic Nervous System:
Discover the purpose of your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and gain insights into how it influences your daily life. Unravel the science behind stress responses and relaxation, empowering you with knowledge to make conscious choices.

2. Expand Your Window of Tolerance:
Understand how to support and expand your “window of tolerance” β€” the space where you navigate life’s challenges with resilience and ease. Learn practical techniques to enhance your emotional regulation, promoting a more centred and calm existence.

3. Fuel Your Creativity with New Perspectives:
Using Mandala Dot Painting you will dive into activating your neuroplasticity and explore how learning something new can stimulate your brain, fostering creativity and innovation. Be guided by Community Artist – Jen Lynch as she helps you uncover the mindful practice and your potential to connect dots in novel ways, igniting your imaginative spark.

4. Express Yourself and Embrace Joy:
This session goes beyond learning; it’s a space for self-expression and enjoyment. Through engaging activities and interactive exercises, discover the joy in being an active participant in your own well-being journey.

Why Attend?

πŸš€ Empowerment:
Gain the knowledge and tools to actively influence your nervous system, taking charge of your responses to life’s ups and downs.

🌈 Resilience Building:
Develop practical skills to expand your window of tolerance, promoting emotional resilience in the face of challenges.

🎨 Creativity Unleashed:
Fuel your creativity by exploring Mandala Dot Painting, you will leave with a completed project and an afternoon that helps you connect your dots to more personal wellbeing and fulfilment.

🌈 Savour the Moments:
Enjoy a sumptuous lunch, fostering connections and a sense of community with like-minded women.

Here’s all the details you need to know………
πŸ“… Date: Saturday, 03 January 2024
πŸ•‘ Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm
πŸ“ Venue: Phynix Initiative, Level 1, Suite 3, 59 Boolimba Cres, Narrabundah
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Join Mel and Jen at “Connecting the Dots” and chart your course towards becoming a more active operator of your nervous system. Learn the mindful art of Dot Mandala Painting and how you can use it as a strategy to navigate life with resilience, and an abundance of calm. Reserve your spot now for a transformative experience!

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