Food for Thought: Nutrition Decisions

When 13 Oct, 2020 5:30pm — 7:00pm Where The Shine Dome, Gordon Street, Acton Website
Don’t use too much salt. Eat your greens. Drink more coffee. Don’t drink coffee at all.

Nutrition advice bombards us from all angles and it can be hard to sort the essentials from dodgy dietary hacks.

Some researchers are honing in on the individual to develop personalised nutrition approaches. In this installment of Food for Thought, we will explore the promise of personalised nutrition. Should what you eat be determined by your genes? And is there still value in general, population-level nutrition guidelines?

Catch up on the latest in nutrition science with Professor Clare Collins and Dr Katherine Livingstone.

Clare is a professor of nutrition and dietetics at the University of Newcastle. Her innovative research creates new technologies to evaluate nutrition and dietary intake and investigates how food patterns can enhance health of all people, including those with chronic health conditions.

Katherine is an NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow at Deakin University. Her research interests include developing personalised nutrition approaches to understand dietary patterns, quality and behaviour. She was involved in one of the world’s largest personalised nutrition studies, Food4Me
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15 Gordon St, Acton ACT 2601, Australia