Finnish Crazy Games

When 12 Oct, 2019 10:00am — 3:00pm Where 12 Darwin Avenue, Yarralumla Website
Celebration of all things Finnish is returning to the Embassy of Finland in Canberra on Saturday, October 12th 2019! Everyone is welcome to this family-friendly event, a light-hearted way to learn all about Finland. This year’s games are a part of Windows to the World when embassies right across Canberra open their grounds to the public.

Feel empowered as you race a hobbyhorse. Contribute to the circular economy by bringing, throwing and recycling your old mobile phones. Encourage inclusivity and equality as you watch or better yet participate in hän-carrying. We invite you, to do all this, and more at the Finnish Crazy Games!
For more information about this event, call 62537901 or visit

How to get there

12 Darwin Ave, Yarralumla ACT 2600, Australia