Ho'oponopono Course

When 14 Sep, 2019 10:00am — 15 Sep, 2019 4:00pm Where Lanyon Homestead, Tharwa Drive, Tharwa Website http://www.humanhappiness.com.au/retreats
Have you ever said to yourself:
“I wish I could change that, but I can’t”?
Has there been a seemingly endless succession of suffering, hardship, pain and trauma around you?
Do you feel powerless when you witness injustices, bullying, abuse, toxic relationships, addictions, poverty, terrible luck, illness and disease?
Do you wish there was a way to shift the balance?
Do you feel like you’ve tried everything, and it all still feels useless?
Are you looking for something more than just “hope” based on general “awareness” and “positive thinking”?
Do you need something you can get your teeth into, that makes a real difference, where you can see tangible results for yourself and others?
Are you ready to get serious about making a change?
If that’s a “YES!” then you’re ready to experience the magic of Ho’oponopono!
Origin and Legend of Ho’oponopono
A psychologist named Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len cured an entire ward of criminally insane patients in a high security unit at the Hawaii State Hospital between 1984 and 1987 without ever meeting any of them or spending any time in the same room as any of them!
How did he do it?
He used Ho’oponopono.
Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian Healing Technique (modernised by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona) that heals mental, physical and emotional issues at every level of your being.
It’s a non-invasive and very simple process that can be learned and practiced by all who desire true freedom and a better life for themselves and for others.
Kylie Blacksell from Human Happiness has developed (and extensively practiced with clients, with great success) a simple and extremely effective healing technique based on all of the principles of Ho’oponopono, demonstrated and explained by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len in publications by Joe Vitale.
(Please note: this technique isn’t the SITH “Self-Identity Through Ho’oponopono” method. This is a technique independently developed by Kylie using the exact same principles, and explained in a simple language that’s easy to understand and replicate, making it accessible to all who wish to learn it)
This 2-day course covers the following:
• Origin and explanation of Ho’oponopono – where did it come from and why does it work?
• The 8 stages of Ho’oponopono Therapy
1. Raw Data Collection – how to effectively collect relevant information in preparation for deciphering programs
2. Deciphering the Programs – the art of “reading between the lines” to reveal deeply hidden limiting beliefs
3. The key to a successful Ho’oponopono session – the most important step. A process you need to go through to be able to successfully deliver Ho’oponopono
4. Deciphering the Memories – programs are enabled and maintained by memories that need to be addressed during the Ho’oponopono session.
5. Shield, ground and protect – how to ensure that you and your recipient are well protected from any energetic/psychic attack during the session
6. The Ho’oponopono Session – a comprehensive, step by step explanation of the full Ho’oponopono process
7. Reporting and assessing – what to report back to your recipient (if they’re aware of the sessions) and how to assess changes in them
8. Zero and Inspiration – an explanation of the energetic process behind Ho’oponopono
What’s included and what to bring:
• Light lunch, tea and coffee are fully catered for by our resident Chef at “The Barracks“ café at Lanyon Homestead. Take-away coffee also available from the café at your own expense.
• A comprehensive workbook covering all aspects of the course
• A comprehensive Body-Mind analysis easy-access booklet that allows you to quickly and accurately determine the link between a person’s ailments, aches, pains, disease and illness, and their emotions, as you prepare for their Ho’oponopono treatment
• A laminated summary of the Ho’oponopono process for you to refer to anywhere, and at any time.

Commonly asked Questions and Answers about the Course:
1. What if I don’t plan to be a “practitioner”? Is this course still relevant to me?
Answer: Yes. Absolutely! Kylie teaches the course in such a way that enables participants to utilize the technique for personal or professional use, at their discretion.
2. In the Ho’oponopono workshops, will I be required to share my personal issues/history/stuff?
Answer: No. The amount of sharing you do is entirely up to you. The workshops are designed to allow each individual to work through the process in their own space and in their own time, whilst also allowing those who are keen to share to do so. You can take as much or as little out of the workshops as you like. You may just want to listen out of interest, so you can take home some interesting ideas/insights. Or you may be keen to learn the whole process and to practice it on yourself and your loved ones regularly. The course caters for all levels of engagement and purpose.
3. Is Ho’oponopono difficult?
Answer: No. The process is very simple. It is however being deliberately taught “away from home” to give you the best opportunity to be able to deeply reflect and consolidate the personal journey behind the process. The process of Ho’oponopono is very simple and easy to use in your daily life (if you choose to do this). Kylie always brings a lot of lightness and laughter to her workshops through interesting stories and self-reflection. She’s not afraid to have a bit of a laugh about her own journey with the aim of helping others relate and understand. Workshops with Kylie are always fun and insightful. To read some testimonials about Kylie’s teaching go to here.

5. What will Ho’oponopono be able to change for me and for people I may choose to do it for?
Answer: There are no limits! And the best way to describe it is “magic!” Kylie is continually stunned by the results that clients are getting out of the Ho’oponopono treatments.
Some of the results she has seen thus far are significant improvements in:
Conflict Resolution
Financial situations
Weight loss
Specific Physical Ailments
Stress/anxiety management
Alleviation of addictions and sexual issues
Job prospects
And the best part is that when you do Ho’oponopono on a loved one/client, you’re enabling the healing in yourself as you are simultaneously enabling the healing in them! You get as much out of the process as they do!
6. What could I get out of learning Ho’oponopono?
Answer: Again, there are really no limits. This process comes directly from the teachings of the Ancient Hawaiian healing technique of Ho’oponopono. You will always attract clients/ loved ones/ partners/ children/ work associates that best allow you to work through your own life lessons. The process of Ho’oponopono allows you to do this work, and move on, free from the pain and suffering you may have been experiencing through these relationships and issues.
7. Do I need special healing/ psychic powers to be able to perform Ho’oponopono?
Answer: No definitely not. Every human being, young and old, experienced healer to absolute beginner can perform this therapy with great success. All that is really needed is the willingness to heal, an openness to seeing things differently, and to follow the basic steps of the process.
8. Who is this course suitable for?
Answer: This course is suitable for anyone interested in more freedom, more happiness, more abundance, and better health for themselves and for others. No previous experience in Healing Therapy/ Reiki/ Energy Work is required. All of the content and practices can be easily learned by anyone. The only qualification you really need is the experience of being human, and a desire for things to be better for you and your loved ones.
That being said, this course is also suitable for those already practicing (either personally or professionally) any form of alternative holistic healing therapy/ massage/ acupuncture/ kinesiology/ psychic readings/ iridology/ naturopathy/ counselling/ Reiki and any other Energy Work. This would be a tax-deductable investment to add to your qualifications and what you can offer to others.
The next Ho’oponopono course is
10am - 4:00pm Sat 14th and Sun 15th September 2019
at the Education Centre at Lanyon Homestead, Lanyon ACT
Cost: $395pp (payment plans available on request)
It’s advised that you book soon as spaces are limited.
Go to: https://www.humanhappiness.com.au/ho-oponopono to book and pay.

Kylie has put together a video series to explain Ho’oponopono
Video 1 (3 min)
An intro to the video series.
Video 2 (11 min)
Just how healthy and wealthy can you get with this system?
Kylie gives real-life staggering results.
Video 3 (9 min)
What is happiness? And how do you get it from practicing Ho’oponopono?
Video 4 (6 min)
What’s in it for me?
How can you benefit from healing others?
Video 5 (6 min)
What the System for Health, Wealth and Happiness training course entails.
Video 6 (9 min)
Answering common fears and concerns about doing this course.

For more information about this event, call 0435930514 or visit http://www.humanhappiness.com.au/retreats

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