Canberra Cuddle Party

When 27 Jul, 2019 6:00pm — 10:00pm Where Monash Website

Canberra Cuddle Party is a very unique event where you can practice platonic touch in a safe friendly environment. Canberra Cuddle Party is designed for adults to explore touch, learn about boundaries and respect.
At our Canberra Cuddle Party you will meet new people, enjoy amazing conversations and you will feel extremely relaxed (this sounds really strange, but believe me - it is true) while cuddling and hugging other cuddlers. You are welcome to come even if you are not quite sure what to expect and how you would feel among group of strangers. Very soon after starting all the anxiety will disappear and you will relax and be ready to build your oxytocin levels!
If you are not sure about touching or being touched you don’t have to cuddle at all, you can simply sit with the group, or a bit further (there are armchairs, sofas, bean bags for individuals) and join the conversation. Or you can just hold hands with other cuddlers and still enjoy touch. In case you are still not sure about close contact with another person, I have lots of big soft toys available for your comfort, or if you have your favourite, please bring it with you!

On the night...
Canberra Cuddle Party lasts for about four hours.

Guest arrival: 6 pm to 6.30 pm
We would prefer you to arrive by 6.20, so you still have time for checking in, payments and changing while you enjoy a grazing table and tea.

6:30pm - Canberra Cuddle Party starts
At the beginning of the Canberra Cuddle Party we sit in a circle and introduce ourselves to the other guests. Just a short description about you and what brought you to this party is sufficient at the beginning.
After this short introduction we talk about our Canberra Cuddle Party rules. The rules are here just to make us all feel relaxed and safe. We will practice saying “NO”, how to set boundaries and give or not give consent.

7:00pm – 9:30pm Free cuddles!
This time is reserved for you to exercise saying Yes or No, and to explore healthy platonic touch with other guests. Also, this period is great for various conversations :)

9:30 - 10:00pm Wrapping up cuddles
This period is reserved to slowly finish cuddling and conversations. After few hours of cuddling and being relaxed with the group, it is really hard to stop and get back to reality. This time is really good to spend with other guests finishing conversations and having more finger food and tea.

For more information about this event, call 0407880793 or visit

How to get there

Monash ACT 2904, Australia