Waterways exhibition

When 29 Sep, 2018 2:00pm — 6 Nov, 2018 2:00pm Where The Link at Ginninderry, 90 Stockdill Drive, Holt Website http://ginninderry.com/about/the-link/
Victoria Cotton, Sharon Peoples, Prue Power, Rozalie Sherwood and Steve Tomlin have examined waterways through paint, ink, stitch and textiles. The locations range from our local waterways, including Lake Burley Griffin, the South Coast and the English seaside.
The exhibition runs from 27 September to 6 November 2018, at The Link at Ginninderry, 90 Stockdill Drive, Holt ACT. The official opening will be on Saturday 29 September, 2-4 pm.
Victoria Cotton’s work is a study in the changing views and moods of Lake Burley Griffin. Her series of black and white ink vignettes capture the fleeting moments that she observes on her daily walks around the lake’s edge.
Walking around Lake Burley Griffin provides inspiration for Sharon Peoples. Drawing and photographing the birds, particularly black swans, have been her focus for this exhibition.
Prue Power spends a lot of time enjoying lakes both in Canberra and on the NSW coast. Her paintings capture the play of light and shadow on lake waters and their surroundings as well as the anticipation of travelling between the two.
Rozalie Sherwood's latest work is focused on the flow of water, sometimes controlled and contained; sometimes interrupted to become a flood or a trickle. Her exploration has led her to combine unlikely materials: reclaimed cloth and acrylic sheet; and her sculptural works evoke the way water moves across and through the earth, bringing life and colour.
Steve Tomlin's recent work employs symbols and motifs from his English seaside origins to explore the issue of displacement and dislocation, the feeling of being neither here nor there, that is a recurrent feature of the migrant experience.
For more information about this event, call 0412 421 923 or visit http://ginninderry.com/about/the-link/

How to get there

90 Stockdill Dr, Holt ACT 2615, Australia