Church Responses to Violence Against Women

When 9 Jul, 2018 6:00pm — 8:30pm Where St Mark's National Theological Centre, Blackall Street, Barton Website
In her recent work ‘Scars Across Humanity’ (2015), British theologian and sociologist Elaine Starkey outlines different forms of gender-based violence which women can experience across their life-cycle. This lecture will draw on Storkey’s work and on feminist biblical approaches for a careful reading of 2 Samuel 15-16 which explores the violence against the ten concubines left to look after King David’s house when David fled Jerusalem to escape his son Absalom. It will highlight David’s shameful response to the concubines when he returned to Jerusalem (2 Samuel 20), and will ask how churches can do more to avoid victim blaming and victim shaming in their response to violence against women.

David’s current research focusses on religion, violence, and peacebuilding, and especially on Christian responses to gender-based violence and sexual abuse. He will outline his work with the Episcopal Development Agency in New Zealand on responses to violence against women.

David will assist us toward further constructive church responses to it in Australia, in conversation with St Mark’s Review issue 243 ‘When women speak: domestic violence in Australian churches’.
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15 Blackall St, Barton ACT 2600, Australia