Freedom from Emotional Eating COURSE

When 13 Feb, 2018 6:30pm — 8:30pm Where 17 Newland Street, Flynn Website
Freedom from Emotional Eating Course
Are you trapped in a vicious cycle of emotional eating?
Does that weight just stay put no matter what you do?
Are you tired of weight loss programs and boot camps?
Are you feeling frustrated and powerless around your emotional eating?
Does “will power” and “determination” just not “cut it” anymore?
Well…you’re definitely not alone!
83% of overweight Australians eat emotionally1.
53.6% of Australians are overweight2.
This means you’re in the company of more than 10 million Australians!
Do you consume too much of the foods/beverages that you know will compromise your health and wellbeing?
Do you binge eat, eat in excess (portion sizes too large) or at the wrong time of the day, knowing that this is just going to keep those extra kilos on?
Do you eat when you get upset? Tense? Angry? Bored? Tired? Anxious? Fearful? Excited?
Do you feel like your eating habits are completely out of your control?
Would you like to control your emotional eating (eat to live rather than live to eat) and in turn return to your healthy weight bracket, a healthy lifestyle, and feel amazing?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions there is a simple, painless and permanent solution!
Our Freedom from Emotional Eating course is not a diet, a weight loss program or an exercise program.
It’s a revolutionary healing technique that’s specifically designed to permanently heal your emotional eating from the inside out!
There’s no gimmicks, no eating plans, no food deprivation (you’ll never have to give up your favourite foods/beverages) and no boot camp!
Included in our Freedom from Emotional Eating course is:
18hrs of face to face group classes (including group discussion and Q&A sessions) spanned over 7 months
Regular online video tutorials that cover the content of modules 1 and 2.
Workbooks and course material for each module
Ongoing support through a private email group
Your own personalised Numerology-based affirmation recording to assist you with your healing journey
Samples and recipes for healthy alternative foods/beverages
Coffee/tea/snacks provided
The course consists of 3 modules over 7 months:
Module 1: Crack the code to your Emotional Eating
This is the “nuts and bolts” of cravings and emotional eating, set out in a very simple, practical and easy to understand format.
This is where you crack the code behind every type of craving you’re having, what effect different foods/beverages have on your body, mind and emotional state, and what emotion is ultimately behind each craving (this is always amazingly accurate).
We look closely at what emotional eating looks like, the details of each craving category, the types of emotional eaters, and what effect personality (including Astrology and Numerology) has on your cravings and emotional eating type.
This module also includes a close look at the role of neurotransmitters (like serotonin, endorphins and dopamine), neuro receptors, hormones (like cortisol and adrenaline), amino acids, carbohydrates, sugars, vitamins, minerals, water, and fats, and what foods you crave when they’re out of balance. And then of course, what to replace these unhealthy cravings with, which will bring these levels back into balance in a safe and healthy way.
Module 2: Breaking the vicious cycle of Emotional Eating once and for all!
The second module of this course is where you’re taught how to heal from your emotional eating.
This process shows you how to remove the core emotions behind your cravings from your energetic, emotional, physical and spiritual levels of your body.
You’re shown how to use very specific and simple Healing Therapy tools in a step by step and safe guided process.
This module includes emotional hunger first aid: specific yoga postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), hand gestures (mudra), yoga sequences and sound healing techniques including affirmations (mantra) to help lessen the intensity of each specific emotional trigger when it presents itself.
The simple yet very potent techniques shared in this module are specifically designed to free you from the seemingly perpetual bondage of emotional eating, that “will power” and “dedication” just couldn’t shift!
Module 3: Out with the old…in with the new!
Once you’ve learnt why you were having your cravings (Module 1), and how to remove them (Module 2), you’re then shown what to replace your old habits with (Module 3).
This module is packed full of great ideas to get you headed in the healthiest and most fulfilling direction with respect to your eating habits and lifestyle.
You’re shown yummy recipes each week (with samples to try at the course). These recipes contain key ingredients that give the body sustained high energy levels, that satisfy the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies and reduce the need for the body to store excess fat and water.
You’re also given great exercise ideas which best match your personality, level of fitness, and body type.
The recipes and exercise ideas in this module are all based on careful scientific study of how the body responds to consumption of certain types of foods/beverages and to doing certain types of exercise.
You learn the basic mechanisms involved, and the “tricks of the trade” which if followed, can make the kilos just fall away.
There are definitely the “right” and “wrong” ways to go about maintaining a healthy weight. And the “right” way is a lot easier than you might imagine!

When: The 18hrs of group classes are offered in two time slots.
You can choose:
6:30pm – 8:30pm Tuesdays
The Tuesday classes option are:
Module 1: (mostly online tutorials – supported by monthly classes) 13/2, 13/3, 10/4,
Module 2/3: 22/5, 5/6, 19/6, 3/7, 14/8, 25/9
10am – 12pm Sundays
The Sunday classes option are:
Module 1: (mostly online tutorials – supported by monthly classes) 11/2, 11/3, 8/4,
Module 2/3: 20/5, 3/6, 17/6, 1/7, 12/8, 23/9
You can also mix and match these times to suit your needs. If, for example, you’re away one weekend and usually do the Sunday time slot, you can do the Tuesday one instead, and vice versa. You can also attend both classes each time they’re scheduled, to get a double dose of Freedom from Emotional Eating, at no extra cost!
Cost: $400
Deposit: $200 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot in the group.
Payment plans available by negotiation (this is $200 deposit then $50/mth for 4 months).
Where: Kylie's Training Room, 17 Newland st. Flynn ACT 2615
T’s & C’s: See website for all terms and conditions
Book in early as there are very limited spaces available.
Contact Kylie via
0435 930 514
For more information about this event, call 0435930514 or visit

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17 Newland St, Flynn ACT 2615, Australia