Improv Mixer: tales from a speakeasy

When 22 Feb, 2018 7:30pm — 9:00pm Where Polit Bar - more than cocktails, Griffith Website
Join us on 22 February 1925 at the Polit Speakeasy in Chicago where Big Donnie and his crew have the city in a stranglehold with control over all liquor distribution. In the midst of a crimewave that shocked the nation, who is the new face on the scene about to rattle Donnie’s cage?

How do you get involved? Start building your character now. Are you a passionate ‘dry’ who supports prohibition? Are you a hopeless ‘wet’ who’s a slave to the bottle? Or are you a bootlegger looking to ship your moonshine and line your pockets? Give your character a name and a costume and come and play with us!

The Lightbulb Players will guide you through an improvised story inspired by the Prohibition Era, featuring our favourite improv games, unscripted scenes and songs all inspired by the characters you create. And yes, the bar is open.
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How to get there

upstairs 8 Franklin St, Manuka ACT 2603, Griffith ACT 2603, Australia