Marriage Equality- Where to Now? Community Forum

8 December 2017

ACT Legislative Assembly, London Circuit, Canberra


The Details

Marriage Equality- Where to Now?
International Human Rights Day Community Forum
8 December, from 12pm-2pm,
Reception Room, ACT Legislative Assembly.

Hosted by the ACT Human Rights Commission and Amnesty International

Regardless of where we are on marriage equality law on 8 December, a fresh national debate on human rights, individual freedoms and discrimination law has opened up.

The forum will be opened by ACT Attorney-General Gordon Ramsay and the speakers are:

Anne-Marie Delahunt, Chair of the ACT LGBTIQ Ministerial Advisory Council. Anne-Marie is a member of the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal. She was one of the few people to be married under ACT's civil marriage laws before the High Court found them invalid in 2013. She is a long term member of Canberra Qwire and founding member of Rainbow Refugee Action.

Katrina Fanning, Director of Coolamon Advisers. Katrina has also worked in senior executive roles for ACT and Federal Governments including for Aboriginal Hostels, Centrelink and on the NT Emergency Response.

Bede Carmody, Amnesty International and Community Activist. Bede has long been involved in human rights and animal rights campaigns. Since July 2003, he has worked with Amnesty International Australia including its campaign for marriage equality since 2004.

ACT Human Rights Commission President Dr Helen Watchirs will chair the forum.

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How to get there

196 London Circuit, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia