Life Stories Breakfast

9 August 2017

Hotel Realm Canberra, National Circuit, Barton


The Details

Palliative Care ACT is hosting a fundraising breakfast to relaunch our Life Stories Program and we would like you to be a part of this event.

We receive many request from people who are dying to write their life story and leave their legacy. A life story is a healing therapy. Life stories can play a part in reviewing clients’ lives in order to see the bigger picture, reminding them that what they have done and who they are has made a difference, and that their lives have been meaningful.

A person’s life story is also therapy for loved ones, families and friends. Research shows that a life story supports the bereavement process and makes this journey easier following the death of a loved one.

Have you thought about what will you be known for when you leave this earth? The most influential people, the ones who leave behind incredible legacies, will live on in the hearts of the people they touch. Physically, they will no longer be a part of society—but their principles, philosophies and achievements will become immortal, spreading from generation to generation.

Monies raised from the breakfast will fund specialised training of our volunteers and provide much needed resources for the program.

Our keynote speaker for the breakfast is Ms Jean Kittson, Australian performer, writer and comedian. Jean is also a women's health advocate and presents a lighter tone on the issue of death and dying and wants people to start the talk before it’s too late.

The Life Stories Breakfast is part of PC ACT’s Dying to Know Day events. Dying to Know Day is held on 8 August each year with events to encourage conversations and curiosity, build death literacy and help grow the capacity of individuals and community groups to take action toward end of life planning.
For more information about this event, call 0262555771 or visit

How to get there

18 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600, Australia