Domestic Violence and the Workplace

18 May 2017

CPSU ACT Office, 1/40 Brisbane Ave, Barton, ACT


The Details

Claudia Maclean, Principal Solicitor of the Women’s Legal Centre
Angela Lauman, Solicitor in the WLC Domestic Violence Program
Belinda Miller, Solicitor in the WLC Employment and Discrimination practice

This session will teach participants about the impact of domestic violence within the workplace, and the current legal structures around the issue. Participants will first be given an outline of what a victim of family violence may need to contend with, including AVOs, family law proceedings, and an understanding of safety planning. Next, participants will be guided through current workplace laws relating to protections for those experiencing family violence. The seminar will end with some best practice tips on how to support employees and colleagues experiencing family violence and how to respond effectively to family violence within the workplace.
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