Numerology Taster Seminar...

22 April 2017

3 Shumack Street, Weetangera


The Details

Just how accurate is a professional Numerology Reading?
What can it reveal about a person?
How can a Numerology reading change your life?
What will I learn about myself and my loved ones using Numerology as a tool, and more importantly, what can I do about this information?
What does Numerology say about the people who upset me the most?
How can Numerology empower me in my relationships…my finances…physical and spiritual issues?
How can Numerology heal my body and mind?
Does it really give me more emotional control and clarity?
How does Numerology allow me to make informed decisions about my life, relationships, big purchases, and even choosing a name for myself or my children?
How can Numerology help me understand and better manage my children’s difficulties/ challenges?
Come and watch Numerology readings in action, and see just how accurate and life changing they can be.
Discover some interesting features about your birth chart, your primary life purpose numbers, and even your name, that illuminates features of your personality, life challenges, and repeated difficulties you may be encountering.
And best of all, get a taste of how to overcome those challenges and difficulties.
This taster is an introduction to the Numerology Course (see below) that you might be interested in attending, after seeing our professional Numerologist in action.
When: 12:00pm – 3:00pm Saturday 22nd April
Where: Kylie’s Home Yoga Studio 3 Shumack st. Weetangera ACT
Cost: $60
3 hr Taster Seminar
One full printed Numerology Reading on the person of your choice (valued at $60)
One 40 min Numerology-Based Affirmation recording for that same person (valued at $60 - see for more details).
10% discount to the Numerology Course (if paid for in full on the day of the taster).
For more information contact Kylie at
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Numerology Certificate Course
The profound insight gained from studying Numerology empowers you with the tools you need to help resolve relationship issues, and overcome financial, physical and spiritual issues, heal your body and mind, gain emotional control, get your power back from disempowering people/situations, and to communicate and connect with others with confidence, control and clarity.
This journey of self-discovery can in turn, unlock your true potential and allow you to fulfil your life purpose.
Learn how to do a full Numerology calculation, how to read and analyse Numerology charts and data, and how to formulate a prescription for that individual based on their reading. (The calculations are all very basic addition and construction and can be all done in the head with pen and paper – but there’s nothing wrong with having a calculator nearby to check your addition).
With this information, you gain a detailed and profound understanding of the challenges, issues, and potential for that individual with respect to their personality, relationships, career, finances, and physical, mental and emotional health. You also gain an understanding of the general obstacles they are likely to face in life, and how to overcome them.
You can gain deep insight, understanding and compassion in a very short period of time, through a Numerology reading.
You can come to a place of personal power, emotional control, empowerment and amazing insight about yourself and others.
Most people are absolutely stunned by the accuracy, relevance and significance that these readings have to their lives.
This course will make you see yourself and others in a totally different light.
You’ll be able to understand your loved ones from a profoundly useful, practical and new perspective.
With practice of these skills and practical application of the insights gained, your compassion for others, and your ability to forgive, let go, and move on, can suddenly feel like second nature to you.
Your much deeper understanding of human nature, of difficult/challenging relationships and of yourself, after such a short time, will astound you!
If there’s only one personal development course you are to do this year…make it this one. You won’t regret it!
Bring along the full date of birth and full birth name of every person you would like to learn more about (including your parents, siblings, partner, ex-partner/ spouse, children, friends, other significant people in your life – particularly/especially those people who tend to rub you up the wrong way). Bring along a pen and calculator (if you have one) too.
At this 18 hr course spanned over 12 weeks, you will be taught how to calculate:
Ruling numbers
Life path numbers
Day numbers
Personal year numbers
Pyramid numbers
Destiny numbers
Soul Urge numbers
Inner Dreams numbers
Relationship numbers
And how to draw up:
Birth charts
Arrows of individuality
9 year cycle personal year charts
Personal number pyramids
Name charts
And how to interpret all of this data, and what to prescribe to an individual with this Numerology reading.
This will include significant help with relationships and parenting.
(These calculations and charts are very simple basic addition and construction. All can be done in the head and just with pen and paper. You will be given full and easy to follow instructions that you can take home with you and repeat on as many people as you like).
You will also be given simple, easy to follow and remember, carefully selected techniques to help you and your loved ones to overcome the personal obstacles/ issues associated with each full Numerology reading. This will include mudras (hand and body gestures), pranayam (breathing techniques), affirmations, light and sound therapy and many more disciplines. We won’t be doing any significant yoga postures or sequences during this course. Most techniques will be done from your chair.
And this course can be done over SKYPE.
All 6 modules (18hrs in total) are held at 12:00pm – 3:00pm over 6 fortnightly Saturdays from 6th May 2017 – 15th July 2017.
You can join the group as late as module 3, and make up what you missed at a later course.
Module Dates:
Module 1: 6th May
Module 2: 20th May
Module 3: 3rd June
Module 4: 17th June
Module 5: 1st July
Module 6: 15th July
Kylie’s Home Yoga Studio,
3 Shumack st. Weetangera
How much?
$200 pp
Includes a comprehensive Numerology Workbook, Certificate of Attainment on successful completion of the course, tea/coffee and light snacks.
Bookings are essential as there are limited spaces.
I look forward to seeing you there!

What participants from our last Numerology Course have been saying about it:

"This course has really helped me to understand how people work and why they work that way in a totally new light, not only do I understand myself and my loved ones better, but it has helped me to be more patient with others because I am able to see why they behave in the way that they do based on their numbers!" Natalie

"I have attended the inaugural Numerology course. It was amazing! I was able to come to closure with a number of close family members, because I could see from their birth charts that their behavioral traits and ways of thinking, feelings etc. were imprinted from birth.
The name chart complimented this knowledge to build a more balanced understanding of how they react and why.
Life changing! Is my opinion of this course!" Sherryl
"It has helped me see what areas of my soul I need to look at and expand, traits I did not come with but want to learn , and where my family fit in to my life .
Also it's helped me understand others more" Jody

What if I miss an hour here and there over the 12 week course?

Several people have expressed interest but are unable to come to ALL of the 6 modules.

Don't panic! You can still do the course even if you can't commit to attending every week!

It's OK if you miss a few hours here and there over the 12 week period. The workbook is very clear and comprehensive, and we always re-iterate what we've learned at every module. You won't feel lost or behind if you skip a week on occasion.

For more information contact Kylie at
For more information about this event, call 0435930514 or visit

How to get there

3 Shumack St, Weetangera ACT 2614, Australia