Scottish Country Dance - Beginners Class

19 April 2017

St Andrews Presbyterian Church, State Circle, Forrest


The Details

This Class is for people who have not tried Scottish Country Dancing before and who wish to learn about the steps and basic dance formations that are the building blocks of Scottish Country dancing.

Scottish Country Dancing is a very sociable activity, usually done in sets of three or four couples, with a different partner for every dance.

You can come on your own or with a partner. Initially, the class teacher will ensure that you have an appropriate partner for each dance.

Please wear a pair of soft soled shoes, so that you can feel the floor under your feet, and preferably with a very low heel (or no heel). Dress comfortably – skirts, shorts or loose trousers.

For more information see The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) Canberra and District Branch website or contact Gill Gould 62811825
For more information about this event, call (02) 62811825 or visit

How to get there

St Andrews Presbyterian Church, 3 State Cir, Forrest ACT 2603, Australia