Help Lori Cicchini get to the Venice Biennale

13 February 2017



The Details

When I first met this beautiful artist, creative, photographer Lori Cicchini... I asked her, "what are your dreams and aspirations?" This local girl - nothing shy of a natural born artist - looked at me and said "I would love to have my photographs exhibited in some of the most prestige galleries in the world..."
Lori being Lori than smiled, laughed and walked away!

Today, I sit here writing her story - unbeknown to her...

Lori Cicchini has been officially invited to exhibit a collection of fine art photography in Venice, Italy at the Biennale Di Venezia international art festival (May - November 2017)! Arghhhhh

I know how much this means to Lori and I know just how hardworking, dedicated, humble, and selfless she really is!

The catch... For Lori's work to be exhibited, we need to gather $20,000 to get her artwork and her physically over there!

I am hoping as a community, we can all pull together and help get Lori to Venice to follow her dreams!

We have 3 weeks to fund this great cause and every donation counts!

With love, the Lori Cicchini fan club

For every pledge of A$500 Lori will be thanking the supporter with an A3 print of “The devil’s thought” featuring her beautiful muse Stefania Ferrario from her recent ‘Human Condition’ collection (without the annoying pixels censoring the art)

For every supporter of A$2500 she will provide a signed limited edition print of 5 only of the same image or if preferred by the donor, one from the exhibition collection (yet to be confirmed).
For more information about this event, call 0407699267 or visit

How to get there

Canberra ACT 2601, Australia